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Shree Ram Polymers (India)

An artistic paper
for everyday

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Shree Ram Polymers (India)

Turning the potential
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Shree Ram Polymers (India)

Prepare a meal, step onto a new playground, or use a public restroom and chances are you'll encounter a plastic product made by Shree Ram Polymers (India) of Bhilwara, Rajasthan. Cutting board sheets, playground equipment and restroom partitions are only a few of the many applications of Shree Ram Polymers (India) wide range of products.

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What we provide

Paper Industry

In wet end as Suction Box Covers Forming Boards Hydrofoils, Vacuum Foils, Sealing Strips, Deflectors,..

Textile Industry

Pickers or Similar Components Subject to High Stress, such as Scotching Blades, Lug Straps, Picking Bowls,...

Mining Industry

Coverings for Conveying Machinery (Chutes Vibrators), Air Separators, Flotation Chambers and Coal Bunkers...

Other Industries

We can offer any machine part, linear and any other components as per drawings from our fully equipped...


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